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Barclays Pingit - Rubbish Service (2012-03-23)

Category: Rants. Posted: 2012-03-24 08:12:45 GMT.

I like the idea of using Barclays Pingit. Had Barclays not closed my account without telling me, I could have started using Barclays Pingit as a Barclays customer, but this wasn't to be. I did, however, register to receive Pingit payments from other people. The registration process is simple. Firstly, Barclays sent me a text message and I had to tell it what code it had sent to me. Secondly, Barclays paid 1p into my current account, and I had to tell it the reference number of that payment. Unfortunately, there was no reference number with the deposit, which was the start of all the problems.

I called up the Pingit helpline and was just given a recorded message saying that I was held in a queue and that my call would be answered shortly. Barclays obviously has a different idea to "shortly" than I do, because it still hadn't been answered after 10 minutes! I therefore filled in a form on the Barclays website asking for the problem to be sorted out. Later on, I called again, and somebody actually answered the phone. The person that I spoke to told me to check my account the next day to see if the reference was there.

The next morning, I checked my account and there was still no reference. I called my bank to make sure, and was assured that there was no reference with the transaction. I called the helpline again, and was told it was a known problem and I should wait a few hours. I did so, there was still no reference, so I called back. I was then put through to somebody who actually knew what she was talking about, and she assured me the problem would be fixed soon and she would call me back in a few hours. The next day, I emailed the technical support email address for support. I tried calling two more times a few days later, but couldn't get through to anybody of any use.

As for the web form, I got one email saying:

Apologies for the service you have received from Barclays but we are unable to resolve your query by email please call Barclays Pingit Helpdesk on 0333 200 1012 and they will be happy to assist you.

I replied to say:

I've called 5 times.
..... I was told the problem would be fixed and I would be called back in a few hours. It's over 3 days later and nobody has called me back. Is that what you refer to as "happy to assist". I'd hate to deal with somebody that you think is "unhappy to assist".

As for the email to the app support team, I got a reply saying:

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to let us know of your disappointment on this subject. We value your feedback and we are sorry that you have experienced dissatisfaction on this occasion.
Your complaint has been forwarded to the Customer Relations Team who will provide you with an update within the next five working days. For security reasons, we are obliged to respond to your complaint in writing.
We want to reassure you that we are dealing with your complaint as quickly as possible and will investigate all aspects fully.

All this was over a month ago and nobody has called me back or written to me since then.

[1] john f (HAMPSHIRE) 2012-04-30 13:28:54 BST
Beware of Pingit. Tried to send £5 to my son. 3 times got transaction not made message. Went through on 4th try. Phone app correctly lists 3 unsuccessful transactions and one sent. Barclays have deducted £15 for the unsuccessful transactions according to my bank statement. This is serious Pingit bg. Glad it was not a £300 transaction.

[2] Chris L (London) 2012-05-03 12:53:20 BST
I have tried twice to register and both times the transaction comes through with no ref! Tried to phone and can't get through........

[3] john f (HAMPSHIRE) 2012-05-10 12:25:49 BST
Still no refund of £15 taken by pingit. They acknowledge fault on the day. It takes over 45 mins to get to someone technical after going through musak and three no brains in India. Who in pingit can authorise a refund? Barclays as an organisation is too bloody big and impersonal. Have tried twice to get issue resolved. Its cost me well over £15 in phone calls. Going to try letters now. Their offshore phone system sucks.

[4] rich f (Hants) 2012-05-13 12:42:52 BST
I can't even register on Android phone as non Barc customer. Tried 3 times and have experienced the"helpline". 6 calls no resolution. System does not work and gives me no confidence in efficiency of system even if it did work.

[5] rich f (Hants) 2012-05-13 12:43:43 BST
I can't even register on Android phone as non Barc customer. Tried 3 times and have experienced the"helpline". 6 calls no resolution. System does not work and gives me no confidence in efficiency of system even if it did work.

[6] andy w (bristol) 2012-05-26 10:24:50 BST
I registered to receive payments only as its would appear better than using paypal but then changed my number and pingit say they need to delete my old number so i can re register with my new one, after telling me my old number is now deleted and i can re register i am unable to re register my new number to the same account what a total fu*k up

[7] Peter B (Maidstone) 2012-06-07 03:43:13 BST
Tried 4 times to register with ANDROID.Each time 1p is sent to my account no ref number with it.By the time it appears about 3 days later the 48 hour time limit on registration has expired!! RUBBISH!!!

[8] Ed B (London) 2012-09-07 11:39:09 BST
Im at Uni and my mum wanted to send me some money through \\\'pingit\\\' it because of its apparent ease... im with Natwest so i had to download and register to the app. Its taken the ref number 3 days to appear in my bank statement and now it want me to go into it nearest branch and verify my registration with a proof of ID and a recent bill.... what a joke. It would be quicker for me to get on a train and collect the money from her myself. ridiculous!

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