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My Diving Trips 2002
The Infamous Portland Trip

My Diving Trips 2003
Our Trip to the Rea Sea (text)
Ian's Plymouth Trip
DDRC April 03
Queenie and Billy's Pre-Easter Trip
Billy's May Bank Holiday Trip
Emily's Plymouth Trip
SarahT, Dave and Rob's Plymouth Trip
Plymouth Trip with Paul Cracknell
Emma's Birthday and Diving in Portland - August 2003
Becky's Lundy Trip - August 2003
Scapa 2003
Rich's Poem
Nick's Scapa Rap
Rich's Daily Report
Scary's Birthday Plymouth Trip
Our Trip to the Rea Sea

My Diving Trips 2004
Plymouth May 2004
Portland May 2004 - Trip I
Portland May 2004 - Trip II
Rob's Plymouth Trip
Scary and Billy's Twin-set weekend
Old Boys' Trip to Plymouth
Dindin's Pre-Scapa Weekend
Scapa 2004
Plymouth May 2004
Rob's Lyme Bay Trip
Prof's Scylla Trip - September 2004
Becky's Almost Lundy Trip - September 2004
Jon and Billy's Trip - September 2004

My Diving Trips - 2005
Gordy's Penzance Trip - March 2005
Scary's Bovi Trip - May 2005
Easter 2005
Beedge & Aristi's Portland Trip - May 2005
Plymouth and Portland - May 2005
Red Sea - June 2005
Nick and Max's Plymouth Trip - June 2005
Billy's Deep Plymouth Trip - July 2005
Billy's Deep Falmouth Trip - August 2005
Scapa 2005
Dave's Portland Trip - September 2005
Trimix and Text Message Weekend
Becky's Annual Lundy Trip 2005
Dave's Trip to Chepstow

My Diving Trips - 2006
Scary and Billy's New Year Trip to Sharm
Becky & Tania's Trip to Sharm.
Gordy's Penzance Trip
Easter trip to Gozo.
Easter 2006
Becky's Isle of Wight Trip
Plymouth, June 2006.
Plymouth, June 2006. Trip 2.
Dezzy's Weymouth Trip - July 2006
Mel and James's Wedding
Plymouth - August 2006
Weymouth, and Plymouth trips
Exmouth - deep trip

My Diving Trips 2007
Weymouth 2007 - Trip 1
Weymouth 2007 - Trip 2
Easter 2007
Zoe's Porthkerris Trip
Danny and Dave 2007 Trip 1
My Trip to Portland - July 2007
Danny and Dave 2007 Trip 2 (to be written)
Dezzy's Weymouth Trip - July 2007 (to be written)
James's Exmouth Diving Trip (to be written)
Olly's Submarine Weekend (to be written)
Rodney's Pre-Scapa Trip (to be written)
Danny and Dave 2007 Trip 4
Scapa 2007 (being written)
Danny and Dave 2007 Trip 3
Olly's Portland Trip (to be written)
My Diving Trips 2008
Rodney's Wales Trip (being written)
My Trip to Falmouth (May 2008) - To be written
Rich and Chris's Trip to Plymouth (May 2008)
My Trip to Plymouth (May 2008) - to be written
My Deep Trip to Plymouth
Newquay Diving (August 2008)
Plymouth (September 2008)
Plymouth (1st to 3rd August 2008)

My Diving Trips 2009
Discovery Divers Red Sea 2009
Plymouth - April 2009
Swanage - May 2009
Pembroke (12th-14th June)
Plymouth (26th - 28th June 2009)
Scillies (3rd - 12th July) - Pictures to be added
Weymouth (28th to 30th August 2009)
Plymouth (1st & 2nd August 2009)
Weymouth (15th & 16th August 2009)

My Diving Trips 2010
Discovery Divers Red Sea 2010
Weymouth (26th to 28th February 2010)
Scapa 2010 (being spell checked)
Plymouth (27th to 30th August 2010)

My Diving Trips 2012
Plymouth Trip (April 2012)

My Other Trips
Helen and Rob's Trip to New York (text)
My Summer Holiday to Florida - Orlando
My Summer Holiday to Florida - The Keys
My Summer Holiday to Florida - Sarasota
Helen and Rob's Day of Fun
Mark's 30th Birthday
Ben Nevis March 2004
Helen and Rob's Trip to Rome
Helen and Rob's Trip to Dubai
Gordy's 30th Birthday
Emily and Billy's Koln Trip
Helen and Rob's Trip to New York
Helen and Rob's Trip to the Algarve
Auckland and Rotorua
Flights from Roturua to Heathrow
New York Marathon with Sarah
Gordy's Stag Holiday in Florida
Paris with Zoe
Berlin Marathon with Sarah
Canada and America 2009

BUSAC Diving Songs
Bohemian Rhapsody Lyrics
Billy Don't be a Hero Lyrics
The Music Man Lyrics
Two Little Boys Lyrics
Waltzing Matilda Lyrics
Dive Oh Dive Lyrics
The Cherryboy Song
The Moose Song
The Chicken Song

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Creating a Mail Merge in Word
Setting Up E-mail Accounts

My Blog

My Photo Albums
Red Sea 2005 - Tuesday 14th
Red Sea 2005 - Friday 17th
Red Sea 2005 - Wednesday 15th
Red Sea 2005 - Thursday 16th
June 2004 - TottyCam Friday
June 2004 - TottyCam Saturday
Ben Nevis 2004 - Saturday
Ben Nevis 2004 - Sunday
Ben Nevis 2004 - Gerard
August 2004 - The Ford
Red Sea 2003
Pharmacy Ball 2003 - TottyCam1
Pharmacy Ball 2003 - TottyCam2
Claire and Phil's Wedding
Beedge's Stag Night June 2003 - Friday
Beedge's Stag Night June 2003 - Generator
Beedge's Stag Night June 2003 - Club
Beedge's Stag Night June 2003 - Other
Cat's Party 2003
Florida July 2003 - Hooters
Florida July 2003 - Wedding
Florida July 2003 - Film 1
Florida July 2003 - Film 2
Oktoberfest 2003 - Film 1
Oktoberfest 2003 - Film 2
Oktoberfest 2003 - Film 3
Scary's Birthday 2003
Mark Elly's Birthday 2004
Darren's Stag Weekend
Flickr Photo Album
Old Diving Pictures
Various pictures from January 2007
Eurovision UK 2007 (Flickr)

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