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As I walked down the busy pavement, knowing I was late for an important interview, my eyes fell upon one of those unfortunate, homeless souls - "vagabonds", we sometimes coldly refer to them as - who are unfortunately found in every city these days.

Wearing what can only be describes as rags, carrying every worldly possession in two plastic bags, my heart was genuinely touched by this person's condition.

Some people turned to stare. Others quickly looked away as if the sight would somehow contaminate them.

Recalling some long ago Sunday School admonition to "care for the sick, feed the hungry and clothe the naked," I was moved by some powerful, inner urge to reach out to this unfortunate person.

Perhaps where some people saw only rags, I was able to see a hidden beauty within those threadbare vestments.

A small voice inside my head called out to me,

"Reach out!, Reach out!"

So I did .........


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