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Sorry, but some of my picture albums are temporarily unavailable.

On my birthday in 2002, it was too windy to dive, so Scary and I went to dive the Ford

Scary took his underwater camera to the Red Sea in January 2003. Our favourite pictures are here

Scary and I took TottyCam1 and TottyCam2 to the Pharmacy Ball in 2003:

I also took TottyCam to visit Claire and Phil's Wedding

While I was at Beedge's stag to, I sent TottyCam to Cat's party. I hope you like the results.

Thanks to Steve for correcting the spelling.

I've also got some pictures from Scary's Birthday Weekend in Plymouth.

Mark's 30th Birthday Weekend in Dublin.

Darren's Stag Weekend in Burton-on-Trent.

You can also see some of my older pictures in my Yahoo Photo Album.

Totty on bar
Now why wasn't I invited to this night out?

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