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Yesterday (9th June 2007), I sent three e-mails to Tesco. I'll let you know how I get on.

Green Clubcard Points

E-mail; 2006-06-09 09:50
I am pleased to see that you have started giving extra Clubcard points to people who re-use bags. However, the checkout staff in your Slough store only seem to give these points to people who re-use carrier bags. I have always used my own rucksack when shopping, and very rarely receive Clubcard points for doing so. When I check my receipt, and find out that I haven't received the extra Clubcard points, the checkout person always tells me the he/she cannot add them later. If you have a look at my Clubcard account, you will see that I very rarely receive any green Clubcard points (including all through the double-points promotion that you had a few months ago), despite shopping regularly in your Slough branch.

Also, awarding one Clubcard point per bag also seems a little bit unfair, since I can fit about 4 carrier bags' worth of produce in my rucksack. Surely a 1 green Clubcard point per 5 spent would be a fairer way to award points?

Reply; 2007-06-11 15:09
I'm sorry that you didn't receive your Green Clubcard points in our Slough store.

We train all our checkout staff so that they know the procedure and I apologise that they made a mistake.

I've called the store and told the Management Team of your complaint. They will follow this up with the staff concerned, and we all will do our best to make sure this doesn't happen again.

I have also added 50 Clubcard points to your account as a gesture. These points won't show in your Green Clubcard Points total. But they will be included in your 'points earned in store' total.

Offering Green Clubcard points is an important scheme for us, so it's really useful to get your feedback. Thank you for taking the time and trouble to let us know about this.

Self-service tills

E-mail; 2006-06-09 09:59
I was interested when you installed self-service checkouts at your Slough branch a while ago, and tried to use them. They are fairly easy to use, but I discovered that I am unable to use them because I shop on my own, and use my own bag when shopping.

If I try to use the self-service conveyor-belt checkouts, then I am unable to use the checkout unless I place the goods on the conveyor-belt once I've scanned them. This means that after paying for the goods, I then have to start packing them, which makes the process longer than using a standard checkout, and more annoying for those people queuing behind me.

If I try to use the non-conveyor-belt self-service checkouts, then I am unable to use them unless I put the goods into the carrier bags that are provided, and then unpack the carrier bag, and pack the goods into my own rucksack. This also defeats the point of using the self-service tills.

I realise that you need to weigh the goods that are scanned to reduce theft, but surely you could take into account people shopping on their own, using their own bags, when shopping at your store. Do you have any plans to put RFID tags on all your produce, so that I could pack all my goods into my rucksack while walking around the store, and then simply walk out through an RFID tag reader, swiping my credit card and Clubcard on the way out.

Reply; 2007-06-11 10:12
I would also like to thank you for your comments regarding Self Scanning tills.

We find all customer feedback incredibly valuable as this helps us when we are looking at ways to make our service better. I would like to assure you that I have fully logged the points you have made. These will be directed to the correct area of the business.

RFID tagging is not used on products for sale in store, in fact we only use it in the supply chain instead of traditional bar codes - and then not to any great extent. They are helpful in enabling us to check large amounts of stock in and out of our distribution centres and stores, but as I say they don't make their way onto the shop floor.

I am very sorry that you did find that we were unable to meet your expectations.

Thank you for your comments.

Tetra Pak Recycling

I read on the Tetra Pak website that Tesco is introducing collection banks for paper-based food and beverage cartons in 100 of its stores. Could you tell me whether your Slough store will be one of these, and when the bank will be installed?


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