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A few years ago, I had a new bathroom fitted by Langley Gasworks. After having been messed around by British Gas Services when I had a new boiler installed, I thought that I would use a local firm instead (and they don't get much more local than a few minutes' walk away). Well, here's the story of what happened.

Before I let anybody start work, I got Langley Gasworks to agree in writing that I wouldn't be without any facilities overnight, even though the work was going to take 2 days, and fixing the leak in my shower was also included in the scope of work. After the first day, I arrived home to find that they had taken out my old bath, but not put in the new one. The reason for this was because they had found a chip in the new bath. Well, I didn't want a chipped bath put in, but they should really have checked the new bath before they started taking the old one out.

Once the job was finished on the second day, I realised that the shower was still leaking. It took 3 more visits before the leak was fixed, but I have to admit that the bloke did try very hard to get it finished (after all, he wanted paying). Once the shower had been fixed, I went in to discuss payment. I didn't want to pay the full amount, because I'd been without a bath overnight, and explained that they should have checked the new bath before taking the old one out. The manager tried to get out of it by saying that it wasn't his fault, so I told him that he should take it up with his supplier. He complained that he wouldn't get anywhere with that, but that's not really my fault. Anyway, we agreed on a discount, I paid the balance, and I was happy with the job, and the price.

About 6 months later, Bird mentioned that the taps on the bath were becoming harder and harder to turn off, and I'd also noticed that the washbasin tap was loose, and that the toilet was leaking slightly. I left several messages for somebody to call me, and nobody called back. I then visited the shop, was told that the manager was out, and that he would call me when he got back. Nobody called me back. I therefore wrote to Slough Trading Standards, who suggested that I write to Langley Gasworks. I did, and got no response. I wrote another letter, and Slough Trading Standards wrote a letter, and, eventually, somebody contacted me, and made an appointment for somebody to visit. The manager visited, agreed that some remedial work needed to be done, and then left.

A few weeks later, nobody had been in touch, so I wrote again, saying that I would get another plumber to carry out the remedial work, and invoice Langley Gasworks. I got no response until about a week later, when I arrived home to find a letter pushed through my letterbox saying that a plumber would carry out the work. Guess what day? Yes, the very day that I'd received the letter. About 10 minutes after I'd arrived home from work, the plumber arrived to carry out all the work. This was done to my satisfaction.

I had spent a lot of time, and money, trying to get somebody to look at the problem, and expected Langley Gasworks to pay for this. I wrote a few letters, but got no response. I eventually got fed-up waiting for a reply, and walked into the shop one day, and told my story to the people in the shop, and suggested that they think twice about doing business with this company.

This soon got a response. I got a response from the new owner, saying that the Langley Gasworks currently operating from the shop is a different Langley Gasworks from the company that actually carried out the work on my bathroom, and he therefore doesn't owe me any money. He quoted two different company registration numbers, so I assume he is technically correct, but the "new" company operates from the same premises, and employs the same staff, so I can only assume that it still offers the same disgusting level of customer service that I have experienced.


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