My Trip to Falmouth (May 2008) - To be written

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[Written in July, so this will be shorter than usual]

Fancying diving somewhere different, I e-mailed Sal to see whether he had any spaces free, and it turned out that he did. Tamsin said that they couldn't accommodate us for the second bank holiday weekend, because she was due to give birth then, but they could accommodate us on the first bank holiday weekend. A few of my later e-mails were from somebody called "LJ". I was convinced she'd be totty, but "she" could quite easily have been a "he".

Sal was going to be running three waves - 09:00, 12:00, and 15:00. I decided to go for 12:00 and 15:00 on Saturday and Sunday, and to go for 09:00 and 12:00 on Monday.

Friday 2nd May

As usual, I collected Rodney in Reading, and then continued driving to the south coast. It took a while to get there, which seemed even longer when we knew that Dindin, Sam, Gordy, and Emma were already in the pub. We eventually got there, and went off in search of their tents. We didn't find anything, so went to park in the car park. As I was parking, a security bloke arrived, and asked what we were doing. We then had to sign in, and get directions to where we were camping. Gimmeration - we had beer to drink! We wanted to call Zoe, but couldn't get any mobile phone signal, but the security bloke told us that we'd get a signal "underneath that light".

We checked in, and Rodney directed me to where we were camping. There were no other tents there, but Rodney was convinced that we were in the right place. Although I didn't want to doubt him (actually that's a lie!), I did say that the chances of Dindin going to the pub before putting the tent up were slim, as were the chances of him pitching in the wrong place. Still, it didn't really matter, Zoe was still driving down, and we were sleeping in her tent. We walked back to the car park, and I was amazed to find out that Rodney did actually get a mobile signal underneath the light, but lost it as soon as he walked away. Rodney said that he'd seen a pub as we drove to the campsite, so we walked back along the road. Rodney saw it in the distance, but I had to give him jip when I realised that it was actually a Texaco petrol station!

Anyway, we got to Sal's shop, and I knew there was a pub a bit further along. Zoe turned up just as we were walking past Sal's shop, so she parked, and we then walked to the pub. There was a band on in the pub, but there was no sign of the others. We had two beers, but headed back to the campsite after two because Zoe was driving, and we still had a tent to put up. We found the others when we got back (along with Rob and Nic), and they were in a different part of the campsite. Thanks to the others for helping us put up Zoe's tent (my contribution was holding the light so that everybody could see).

There was plenty of space in the tent, but Rodney seemed quite scared to be sharing a double-mattress with me - even though we had separate sleeping bags! Zoe and I chatted for quite a bit before drifting off to sleep (she reckoned that LJ wouldn't be totty - I hope she's wrong!).

Saturday 3rd May

Sunday 4th May (Star Wars Day)

Monday 5th May


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