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Becky & Tania's Trip to Sharm.

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After helping Becky and Tania with their plans for diving in Sharm, I almost felt like I was going on the trip myself. Becky was going to stay at mine on the Sunday before they flew out on the Monday, but her work mate wasn't very keen - what had Becky told her about me?

Anyway, Becky is keeping me informed of the week's events by text message. All the messages have been copied and pasted from Becky's text messages, so don't blame me for any spelling mistakes!

Monday 6th March 08:32 GMT

Tania's large dive knife hidden in a back pocket in my hand luggage didn't go down well! Opphs! One for the trip report!x

Wednesday 8th March 22:31 GMT

Well we found the camel bar :-) along with numerous marriage proposals, just finalisin number of camels!We've got an english traindriver 2 b our escort!x

Thursday 9th March 15:04 GMT

Stella, scary taxi rides! Diving cancelled, too windy :-( We've found the best men avoidance techniques are pretending to be lesbians and talking german!!x

Thursday 9th March 15:26 GMT

We'd love to have your company, had already decided to bring you next time! Need protection from 'oh my lovely', 'my beautiful', 'i love you' etc etc xx

Friday 10th March 22:43 GMT

Tania spent last 24hrs vomiting, i still dived! Is that mean? Saw eagle rays! Went on date last night and out with random guys tonight! I need you billy!x

Saturday 11th March 15:36 GMT

Date was very thick, didn't know what an aubergine was! Tania's been ill. Hope penzance is fun.X

Monday 13th March 23:11 GMT

Yup It's bloody freezing! Had a good hols, will phone you this week!x


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