Easter trip to Gozo.

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After discussing the merits of early morning flights with Rodney at the weekend, I knew he could be relied on to get the Gozo trip off to a good start in my absence. As we all know, all good foreign diving trips (Red Sea 2006, Red Sea 2005, and Red Sea 2003 for example), all start with a Full English breakfast, and a few pints of Stella. So far, this trip report is based on Rodney's text messages.

03/04/06 10:19

Drinking now as i text . I have so far only lead two others astray . Will have to work harder .

05/04/2006 21:26

Amazing so far ! All totty house and dives for me the entire week. Just did night dive was class. Beer and food is great. Dave

10/04/2006 20:02

Nice one ! Just got back waiting for the train . Was a great week. Superb diving and loads of totty. Work on allan to come to plymouth !


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