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Scary's Bovi Trip - May 2005
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Friday 13th May
Scary had booked us a weekend with Danny and Dave at their new base in Fort Bovisand. The only real plan, was that we weren't going to dive the Scyla, or the JEL.

The plan was for me to pick him and Dindin up in Bath at about 6pm, and then meet Gordy, Emma, Rich and Chris in Brixton. Unfortunately, I hadn't had time to pack during the week, so I had to rush quite a bit after work on Friday. I also had a load of washing up to finish before I left.

Anyway, I eventually got to Bath at around 7pm, we piled Dindin's and Scary's dive-kit into the motor, and headed off to Brixton (desperate to arrive before closing time). Scary was worried that we wouldn't be able to put up the tent before closing time, and took a lot of persuading that it would be possible to put up the tent after going to the pub. Anyway, we missed the MaccyD's services, so had to eat at the Exeter services. We were served by some YTS trainee who'd had a serious sense of humour bypass. We kept ourselves entertained with a game of "Mini, Beatle, and VW Van" - anything to stop Scary saying "I 'ate campin'".

Anyway, I dropped Scary and Dindin off at the Foxhound at about 10pm, and screeched off towards the campsite With a smell of burning rubber, and a slight infringement of the speed limit, I parked at the campsite, and ran back to the booza. The pub was under new management (Chris said that the new menu was a bit pricey), and it seemed busier than normal - there was some top totty in as well (pity I'd left TottyCam in the car). Gordy had left Emma's clothes bag in Bristol, so she had no clothes to wear (way hay!).

We had time for a swift couple, before heading back to put the tent up. Putting the tent up was easy enough (Scary and I stood around saying "norks" every minute or two, while Dindin put the tent up), the difficult bit was trying to find out how to open the car!

Saturday 14th May
7 o'clock wasn't such an early start, but the wind that had been keeping us awake for most of the night hadn't died down at all. It didn't look very promising. I persuaded Scary to call Dave, to ask him whether we'd be diving or not. Dave said that the northerly wind had flattened the sea, and that we'd be going diving. Bugger, I could have done with a lie-in. Anyway, Dindin cooked us breakfast with big baps (top man), and we headed off to Bovi.

It was nice to see Danny and Dave again (Danny hadn't recognised Gordy because he was smiling), along with the totty that they had serving tea. We weren't going to be diving on Blue Raider, but we were going to be the trial customers with a mate of theirs (Sal - Sal's Diving Company) who normally works out of Falmouth. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Sal has brought his missus along with him (Tamsin).

The sea looked calm enough, so we headed off towards the Mewstone. We got about half-way there, before Sal decided that it was too rough to head any further, so the JEL is was. So much for Scary's dive plan. As usual, the JEL didn't disappoint - we even saw some dogfish. On the way to the JEL, we hit a big wave, and almost flooded the boat. Tamsin bailed most of the water out (I offered to help, but she refused). With about an inch of water left, Scary took over the bailing. He sloshed the water around a bit, and then referred to himself as "chief bailer".

After some top pasties, and several cups of tea, we were ready for our next dive. The sea had died down a bit, so we managed to get to the Mewstone. Gordy wasn't diving on this one (he had some shopping to do for Emma, and didn't fancy diving anyway).I therefore had a totty dive. The only problem with diving with Emma, is that she dislikes using an SMB as much as I do. Fortunately the Dickson Charm (doo-doo) worked well, and Emma used the SMB after I deployed it. Emma pointed out loads of weird sea-life stuff that I'd never seen before, so the lack of a wreck didn't seem to matter.

When we got back to Bovi, we found that Gordy hadn't returned, so Emma wasn't very impressed. Gordy returned with some clean knickers for Emma (he'd found a 3 for 10 quid deal at Anne Summers). She was so impressed (not!).

After the dive, Dindin, Scary, and I headed off to Deep Blue to perve at Sam and get our stage cylinders filled. We were very unimpressed to have to pay 9 for a fill (50% and 7 litres) and Sam wasn't even there. At 9 a fill, we questioned the price, but were told that 9 is correct.

After dropping the cylinders off, we went round to QAB for a sneaky drink and a look in the dive shop. We found out that he would have filled out cylinders for a fiver, and we would have got to perve at the totty barmaid while we were waiting for the fills (which we did anyway). While at the bar, we called Deep Blue to get a price for filling the cylinders, and were told 9 each.

Back at the campsite, we headed straight to the pub for food. We got a kitty going for beers, but Rich wouldn't let me suggest putting in more than a fiver, because we were going to do a 40m dive in the morning, and, sensibly, he said that nobody would drink more than two pints.

We found the cheap part of the menu that Rich and Chris had missed the previous night, so ordered from that. The food was good, the new waitress was well-stacked, and the company was also good. Four pints later, Scary, Rich, and I wandered [thanks to Cherryboy for spotting my spelling mistake] back to the campsite.

Sunday 15th May
We'd decided on a lie-in since it was Sunday, so set the alarms for 7:30. I awoke at about 7:15, to find Scary's face less than an inch from mine - that woke me up fairly sharpish.

After breakfast (cheers Dindin), we headed off to Deep Blue to pick up our over-priced fills (still no Sam), and headed back to Bovi. Unfortunately, Emma had a bad back, so wasn't going to be diving today.

We got out to the wreck, but the surge was too big to pick the wreck up on the echo sounder, and one of the transits wasn't visible, so we headed to the Elk. We got there to find some tosser hardboat skipper (Richard with Cee King) hogging it. Anyway, Scary and I had a giggle on the wreck (despite all the hardboat divers kicking up all the silt). Fortunately, we were diving with our VR3s, so only had to do about an 8-minute deco stop at 5m. We surfaced with our Suunto back-up computers still wanting about 22 minutes of stops. They dutifully displayed "Err" when we got back on the boat.

After the traditional pasties and teas, we (Scary, Dindin, Rich, Chris, and I) headed off to the Sound to find cannon balls (Gordy had been good, and taken Emma home). Scary, Dindin, and I found two (I didn't want one), and Rich and Chris also found two. It was fun finding them, and getting them to the surface, but I didn't want the hassle of cleaning one up.

After tea and cheesy chips (the proper sized chips this time), we headed back home. I managed to lose the Mini, Beetle VW Van game as we were driving into Bath. I managed to make up points on the way back to the M4, but there was nobody to witness it.

I got back just in time to get some Stella from the offy, before unloading the motor, and watching a bit of BBC News 24 (and doing some more washing up that had somehow appeared over the weekend). Still, at least all my shirts had been ironed!

STOP PRESS 26/05/05:
I e-mailed Deep Blue to complain about the price of the fills. The manager, Rich, replied saying that the price should have been 7.50, and that we should have questioned the price at the time. When I explained that we did question it twice, he offered me a deal:

"So I'll make a deal with you. Accept our apologies and our intention not to make the same mistake again and I won't show Sam's boyfriend your website where you seem to enjoy 'perving' at her". With no offer of a refund, I had no choice but to accept his "deal". I don't think we'll be going back to Deep Blue again - when Dave and Danny get Nitrox, we'll be filling there all the time.

Anyway, in an attempt to show how good Deep Blue is, Rich gave me the details of other places to get fills at in the area - what a nice man!
Sandford and Down are 6.75 and open 9am to 5pm Saturday and 10am-1pm Sunday
Sound Diving are 6 and are open the same.


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