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After several last minute changes to those going, those of us who went were:
Sarah H
Dave (aka Rodney)
General Car Washer (aka Mark Vowles)

Thursday 6th October
Because I still had a hire car from last weekend's TriGuven course, I could take the cylinders that I'd ordered for Emily from Kent Diving, and most of my cylinders, to be filled at Slough Scuba. Unfortunately, there was no totty to perve at while my 5 12-litre cylinders, and my stage were being filled.

Friday 7th October
I had all my kit packed in the hire car outside work, ready for Emily to pick me up. I was on the phone to a customer when she arrived, so she started moving our kit into her car. Excellent timing! The totty at National Car Rental seemed very confused when I dropped a car off on a Friday evening, instead of collecting one, but she managed to sort things out. Emily was fed-up with driving already, so I drove down to Becky's parents' place (good example of apostrophe usage). Not much to report about the journey there, but I avoided doing any "Dickson Manoeuvres" in Emily's car, and I learnt loads about Unilever and also about Weight Watchers.

Joel and Zoe were travelling down together. Joel met Zoe in London after work - how he got across London with a rucksack on his back, and several pounds of lead strapped to his waist, I'll never know!

Becky's mum had cooked loads of Spaghetti Bolognaise for all of us, so Emily and I tucked in. Keen to get to the pub, it didn't take me long to finish. Unfortunately, we weren't all there, so we had to wait a while. Becky and Mel went off to collect Sarah from the station, and the rest of us went to the pub. There had been a fire there recently, so it wasn't in very good condition, but it was still serving Stella. There was a fair pit of totty there with low-cut tops, but there seemed to have been a lot of inbreeding going on.

16/10/05: Sorry, Becky cooked the Bolognaise, not her mum.

Emily, Rodney, and I joined Cat and her two mates in the front room. Everybody else managed to find somewhere to sleep.

Saturday 8th October
Cat's mobile woke us up at 07:30. It took her a while to turn it off, because it was right at the bottom of her bag. Off she went to start on breakfast - top lass! She annoyed Zoe and Scary, who were sleeping in the kitchen, but bacon was far more important than their sleep.

We travelled in convoy to Illfracombe, where we met the skipper of Obssession. He seemed like a nice friendly bloke. It was raining on and off while we were loading the boat, but we managed to keep our clothes and sleeping stuff dry. While some of us finished loading, the others went off the park the cars. Emily returned about 10 minutes later, upset because the others had lost her. We drove back round, found them, and then parked all the cars.

The skipper said that we had time to get a cuppa, so James and I went off to find a teashop. We found the aquarium, and asked the bird to make us tea. She willingly obliged, leaving some ginga to serve the other customers. Back at the quayside, we found that the boat had moved to the other side of the harbour. Somehow, Zoe had managed to put the car parking ticket in her handbag, instead of on the car dashboard.

Anyway, after the gimmering, we set off to Lundy. It was a very bumpy ride (ooh-err). Becky managed not to chunder for the first half of the journey, but I have to admit that I was feeling rough by the end of the trip. Anyway, we unloaded the dry stuff onto the island, for the tractor guvna to take up to the campsite, and then headed off to go diving. My first dive was going to be with Mel, since it was her 69th dive. We had a bit of a swim around the rocks, but the current picked up a bit, so I decided to let it take us, and we could go scallop hunting. For the first few minutes, we saw nothing but sand, and I almost felt embarrassed. Then, we happened upon scallop after scallop. After I'd found three, I gave them to Mel to hold while I put the SMB up. We drifted a bit more, and I found 2 more. Without a goody-bag, we couldn't collect any more, so we surfaced. Winding in the SMB holding 2 scallops was fun! Mel tried singing the moose song on our safety stop, but the scallops put pay to that malarkey. As the boat came towards us, the skipper's mate saw the scallops, and ran to get a bucket. He was very happy with our find.

After a bit of lunch action, I got another totty dive with ZoŽ. We were in a bay where we had seen seals, so were hoping for a seal dive. I saw one in the distance, but ZoŽ didn't believe me. A minute later, ZoŽ pointed one out, only to realise that it was a fish! ZoŽ couldn't use my real on the ascent, so I had to use the SMB again. Me, using an SMB twice in two dives - what is the world coming to?

Back at the quay, the tide was quite low, so it was difficult getting the cylinders off. Thanks to the skipper for his hard work. All that was left, was to walk up to the campsite. I was still in my drysuit, so the going was definitely tough. We got there eventually, and set about putting the tents up. Emily and I were, as usual, in Vowles's West Wing, and Scary and ZoŽ were in Scary's new beast of a tent. Unfortunately, Scary's sleeping bag didn't contain the same beast-like qualities, so he was worried about getting cold.

The showers at the campsite were pretty good. They were communal showers, each with its own cubicle. Unfortunately, I didn't get so spy any half-naked totty. Never mind, there's always tomorrow.

Feeling refreshed, we headed off to the pub. We weren't being picked up until 12 o'clock the next day, so we could have a few beers. We all sat at the large table, out of the way in the upstairs of the pub. The food and local beer were very tasty. The portions were pretty good. Dave took over Dindin's job, and finished off everybody else's leftovers. It was as if he wasn't going to eat for a week.

After a few beers, we divided into 3 teams of 4, and played Pictionary:

Team Scary: Scary, Zoe, Emily, and Dave.
Team Totty: Becky, Cat, Sarah, and me.
Team Gimmer: Mel, James, Joel, and General Cash Wash.

It was all going well, Team Scary and Team Totty fighting for first place, with Team Gimmer way behind. It all went well until I had to draw "Podgy". Within seconds, Becky, Cat, and Sarah all shouted "Podgy" in unison. The other two teams couldn't believe it. Team Scary wanted to see my excellent drawing, so I had to show them - I'd simply written "Podgy" on the bit of paper. Fortunately, they hadn't seen me pointing to the wall behind me, when I had to draw "wall". We carried on playing for a laugh, but didn't bother scoring after my cheating. Leaving before closing time seemed out of the ordinary, but we were all pretty tired.

Sunday 9th October
Back in the pub at about nine, we settled down for a bit of breakfast action. Not everybody had room after last night's food, but General Car Wash did - "No problem. Last night's has been dealt with", he said, patting his stomach. With everything packed by 10 o'clock, for the tractor to take down to the quay, we went to walk back down to the quay. Where was the General? Dealing with breakfast, we assumed, and walked on down. The walk down was easier, partly because it was downhill, and partly because I wasn't wearing my drysuit.

The boat wasn't there yet, so after taking the cylinders to the end of the quay, we rested for a while. Scary tried to force-feed me marshmallow, but, after having already tried two new foods during the weekend (celery and liquorice), I didn't feel adventurous enough to try a third. Half asleep, I started whittering on about different sizes of breasts - not my finest ever moment!

Anyway, I was on for two more totty dives. The first with Emily, and the second with Cat. Still no wreck action, we had to dive scenic dives. I was beginning to get a bit bored with the bad visibility, and the lack of wrecks, but at least I had two totty dives. The buddy check with Emily was one to remember. Not having used my stab jacket for a while, "Oh. I've got a dump there!", I said with surprise. I can't remember much about the dives themselves, but I used the SMB on both of them. Strange things are afoot! Scary and Mel had a brilliant second dive, having played with a seal for almost the whole dive. Mel's face when they were back on the boat was a picture.

Expecting another rough journey back, we all stayed in our suits, except for Mel, who changed into her waterproofs. As she was changing, she saw me eating Maltesers. She said she'd flash her cleavage at me for every Malteser that I gave her. Unfortunately, I only had three left (as one of my customers commented - "Left boob, right boob, then it was time to negotiate for the last one!"). The journey back was nowhere near as rough as the way there, and we passed the time singing away. There was an old favourite (Music Man), MarkV's favourite (One Skin), and a new club favourite (Moose).

It was low tide again when we had to unload the boat, so we had quite a few flights of stairs to carry all the kit up (with Vowles managing again to get out of carrying his twin-set up and down the steps). Still, we managed it in good time, and got all the cars loaded up. I drove back to Slough, so that Emily could program the GPS guvna as we went along. As with the way down, I won the "who can get into the county first" game. Thanks to Emily for pointing out the Wiltshire sign, but not actually trying to get into the county first.

Back in Slough, we went via the Chinese and Off-License. We unloaded the dive kit, and Emily headed straight off. By the time I'd carried all the dive-kit inside, I was ready for a bit of Sweet and Sour action. Unfortunately, I had to do all of the weekend's washing-up before I could eat! The fortune cookie said "Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into." - could somebody explain it to me?

12/10/05: James has put his pictures up on his website

Thanks everybody for an excellent weekend.


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