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This was supposed to be Tania's dive leading assessment, but there was nobody to assess her. Rob therefore took over the organising.

Mark Vowles
James & Mel

Friday 11th June
I met Emily in Bath, and we drove down to Brixton from there. I was looking forward to a bit of totty-dive action this weekend. Unfortunately, Cat, Tania, and their four mates, wouldn't be in the pub, because they were all watching the Lion King in London. Fortunately, Emily, Becky, and Mel were there, and Emily and I had blagged our usual spot in Mark's West Wing.

Anybody know where we ate that evening? Answers on the back of a postcard, or stuck-down envelope to the usual address!

Saturday 12th June
It turned out that I wasn't going to get loads of totty dives this weekend (I wasn't even allowed on the totty boat at times), because Dindin wanted to continue our exploration of the Scylla. This was the first dive of the weekend, and Dindin and I started in style. We tried to squeeze through things that just weren't built for twin-set divers to get through. We stayed down so long, that we had to do a deco stop on the way up.

We moored up at MountBatten for lunch and changing cylinders. It was a nice hot day, so I got some extra special perving at Cat's mates done.

The second dive was the Glen Strathalan. Mark Vowles and I were on the second wave, so were on the surface to see some tosser drop an anchor right next to our divers (just after I'd said "We've got divers down, so please don't drop a shot"). Apparently Dindin had a go at the bloke while Vowlesy and I were diving. It was a pants dive, somehow we managed to miss the boilers, and saw bugger all else.

I can't remember that much about the evening entertainment, but I have a feeling that it involved the Foxhound somewhere along the line.

Sunday 13th June
Billy's got a totty dive, do-dah, do-dah. Billy's got a totty dive, do-de-do-dah-day.

At last, I got a totty dive. Emily and I got to do the JEL. Even though I've done it dozens of times, it never fails to disappoint, and diving with Emily is always a giggle. She took loads of pictures (she still hasn't e-mailed them to me), and I used an SMB for about the dozenth time this year. Somehow, I managed to get into deco again.

Our second dive of the day was around the Mewstone. I was diving with Vowlesy and Dindin. We had a laugh; we found some sea urchins and sea cucumbers. Dindin also found a lobster in a pot, which he released. Oh how we laughed when it attacked him. Dindin and Vowlesy found their first dogfish, so spent ages stroking it (ooh-err). After doing our 3-minute stop at 5m, we started slowly ascending. At 3m, Mark suddenly shot to the surface - quote for the weekend "Oh, it's OK. I always lose control at about 3m".

Cheers everybody for a great weekend, and to Rob for organising it.


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