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Prof's Scylla Trip - September 2004

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Gordy had arranged a trip to the Scylla for the Prof, while he was over from America. Gordy had kindly offered to pick up my dive-kit while he was picking Steve up from the airport - what a top man.

Friday 3rd September
With very little kit to carry, I could get the train to Bath. Rich and Chris picked me up from the station, and then we headed off to Plymouth. Chris drove us a way that I'd never been before, but it seemed to work. Rich had just got a new job, so told us all about that, and Chris introduced me to a game called "Bloke, Minger, or Totty". It was a game that I'd spent my whole adult life playing, I just didn't know that it had a name!

We arrived at the campsite in good time. Chris and Rich started putting their tent up, but I couldn't put mine up, because it was in the back of Max's car, and she hadn't arrived yet. Once all the jobs were done, the pub and food beckoned. It was nice to see the Prof again, and also to see Emma, who had just got back from Chile.

Gordy had told Steve that there'd be plenty of space for him to sleep in, but he looked rather concerned when he saw the size of my tent. It is a rather cosy tent, but it does the job.

Saturday 4th September
We got up early, because we had to fit in two dives before Danny and Dave's second booking. Max complained about being kept awake all night by the Prof and me talking. Obviously she blamed me and not the Prof.

We were going to dive the Rose Hill, and the Scylla. There was a odd number of us, so one pair was going to have to let me make a 3-some. Gordy and Emma were the chosen ones.

We got to the pontoon in good time, and Danny greeted us by saying "Billy, good to see you, I didn't know that you were coming this weekend. Oh no! We'll never get two dives in now!". It's nice to know that I've made an impression. I had hoped to use my new VR3 on this dive, but I'd left part of the buckle at home, and didn't fancy losing 500 quid's worth of dive kit.

Last time we'd tried to dive the Rose Hill with Blue Raider, Scary and I missed it. Still, at least we weren't going to dive the Elk, so the prop was safe. We were dropped right on the Rose Hill, and in we went. I just followed Gordy and Emma around and had a bit of a guven. Gordy was taking loads of pictures, but, unfortunately, he let his torch dangle while doing so, and frequently blinded me.

It was a top dive, and we then headed over to the Scylla. To be honest, I'd done it enough times already, but it was still a giggle. We did the usual guvening, and found a shiny fireman's pole that I'd never seen before.

We'd had two good dives, and then it was time to head off to Bristol for Tom's American BBQ. Obviously we stopped off at Morrison's on the way to get some supplies. On the way up the M4, Rich told me that if I put my hand out of the window and cupped the air, that it felt like a firm breast. He wasn't sure whether it was 60mph, or 80mph, so after a bit of experimenting, we discovered that it was 60 mph (I think).

4 o'clock was far too early to start on the Stella, but we started drinking anyway. My memory was a little bit hazy towards the end, but there are a few things that I remember:

* Caro watching Nick's excellent diving DVD through one eye because she was seeing double.
* Gordy and Tom wrestling.
* Max curling up on the floor, and me passing out in an arm chair.
* Darren and Jo missing their last train back, and having to walk.

Wrestle 1Wrestle 2Wrestle 3Wrestle 4Wrestle 5

Sunday 5th September
I have no idea what time we finished drinking, but I do remember waking up at about 9am feeling remarkably well. I had a quick shower, and then started reading my VR3 manual, because nobody else was awake. That was my downfall, by the time everybody else had woken up I was feeling rather rough, and was making frequent rushed trips to the toilet.

I was even feeling too rough to stomach my bacon and egg sarnie. After a quick kip, I was up for it (even though it was slightly cold by this point). Feeling a bit better, I ventured into the garden. Everybody else had recovered, but nobody had made it onto the alcohol.

Queenie and Caro had kindly offered to drive all my kit home from Bristol, so we loaded up whatever kit hadn't been transferred from Max's and Rich and Chris's cars in our drunken stupor the previous night.

It had been a great weekend. All that was left, was to check out the totty on the M4. If memory serves correctly, there was quite a bit of totty.

Thanks everybody for an excellent weekend.


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