Old Boys' Trip to Plymouth

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Rich & Chris
Gordy & Emma

Friday 16th
Queenie couldn't give me a lift in his and Caro's motor, because she wanted it for the weekend, so we still needed to hire a car to get to Plymouth. Queenie and I arrived fairly late, but still in time for a few beers at the Foxhound (having stopped for a pasty at a petrol station).

Saturday 17th
We were having another weekend on Blue Raider, so didn't need to get up too early. Somehow, Emily and I were first in the water (maybe it was Dave helping me on with my fins that helped). As usual, I had an excellent totty dive. Unusually, I didn't harass any sea-life. We saw the boilers quite a few times, Rich and Chris even more, and Gordy and Emma once. Emily found the Jacuzzi, but I didn't have a clue what it was. My SMB didn't work (any excuse), so Emily did the honours.

After a quick break, and some perving, at MountBatten, we were off again - this time to the Scylla. I can't remember exactly what we saw on the wreck this time, but I do remember trying to get up a ladder that I couldn't fit through (something to do with twin-12s and a stage cylinder).

On the way back to Mountbatten, we stopped to watch a bit of the Formulae One Power Boat Championships. It was all a bit noisy for me, there was loads of totty on the other boats to perve at.

We had a quick pint at the pub near MountBatten, and then went back to Brixton for, surprise, surprise, beer and food in the Foxhound.

Sunday 18th
Despite not having to get up too early, we still managed to be in the water at 10 o'clock. The first dive was the Elk (we had Danny today, so there was no getting the prop caught in the shotline). Emily is also better behaved than Scary, so we headed off to the reef, rather than clocking up loads of decompression time. I can remember going through one swim through that had excellent visibility. I then watched Emily go through a swim-through with loads of silt that had been kicked up. She should have gone through the clear one that I did!

The second dive (for a change) was the JEL. Danny mentioned that there was a memorial plaque to a young diver, who had loved diving the JEL. It had been there for a while, but I'd never seen it. With my amazing skills, we found it. It was a cylinder that had been cut in half, with a brass plaque attached to it. Very moving.

Without having to get any boats out of the water, we could leave fairly early, and get back home in time for a Stella or two.

We agreed to sort out an "Old Boys' Trip II" later on in the year.


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