Becky's Almost Lundy Trip - September 2004

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Friday 17th
Despite warnings of gales all across the South West, the skipper had assured Becky that the trip would be going ahead. I wasn't convinced, but hired a car anyway, and picked up Mr Elly just near J18 of the M4. As we were driving down the M5, he asked me whether I'd got directions to get to Becky's parents' house. "No", I said, "I e-mailed you on Wednesday to ask you to sort that malarkey out". Oooopps! Fortunately, I hadn't deleted Becky's e-mail, so we managed to blag our way there without having to resort to buying a map.

We arrived in time to have some excellent grub (Spaghetti Bolognaise, if I remember correctly), and see Becky's dog do "dead-ants", before we headed off to the pub. We went to the busy pub, instead of the one run by a grumpy old fool that we'd eaten in the previous year.

We only had time for the one Stella, but I do remember a few things about that evening: 1) As we were walking past Dindin's Landrover, Zoe was heard to say something like "Dindin. How easy is it to get into my big box?". 2) Zoe had brought back a fridge magnet for me from Canada. It showed what a man's brain actually looked like. 3) Having seen Bjorn Again at "Last Night of the Guvnas" the previous week, I commented that they were a little past it, and it was about time that there was a Bjorn Again tribute band ("Bjorn Again Again" perhaps?). 4) I told everybody about Rich's theory about cupping wind at 80mph out of a car window. Becky's brother wondered what sticking one's head in an 80mph wind felt like....

After a bit of arguing about where Gordy and Emma were going to sleep, and plenty of laughing from me at Mark Vowles's key chain, we got to sleep.

Saturday 18th
Emma and I had been charged with cooking breakfast for everybody, so we were up in good time. It wasn't as tasty as Friday's food, but it did the job early in the morning. We all left in good time (along with Zoe's box), and headed off to meet the skipper. I wasn't looking forward to all the carrying and gimmering, and putting up with the grumpy skipper, but the diving was going to be excellent. Half-way there, the skipper called Becky and told her that it was going to be cancelled. Stupid grumpy old git, I'd hired a car just for it to be cancelled right at the last minute. I called Danny and Dave, but even they weren't venturing out that day.

We headed off to have breakfast at Safeway. We got there before opening time, and there were about a dozen gimmers all half asleep all leaning on their trolleys waiting for the store to open. As the doors opened, all the gimmers slowly started moving forward in a trance. I said (in a fairly loud voice), "Good God. It looks like something out of Night of the Living Dead!". Suddenly, I was standing on my own, as everybody else immediately disowned me.

Anyway, we ended up in the café, and had a bite to eat. I can't remember much about the breakfast, but I do remember Zoe showing me all her holiday pictures (none of her in a bikini unfortunately), and Rich telling everybody that there were only two levels of taxation (I don't remember why he told everybody this, but I wasn't convinced that he was right).

Back at Becky's parents' place, we had some more tea, and watched their cat eat their dog, while we decided what to do. Becky suggested going and messing about in the river. I wasn't convinced about the river idea, but I thought that it would be a laugh watching other people. After getting Emma's car stuck on some rocks, we arrived at the river. Gordy and Emma kitted up in their Nepal waterproofts, and others got into their dive kit.

After a few races, they decided to keep on going, and meet the rest of us at a bridge a mile or two downstream. We managed to meet OK, and then headed off for a drink at a local pub (frequented by the local hunt with anti Blair jumpers and hats). There was a bit of pokiness around, so we didn't stay for long. We then went back to Bath (Mark and I stopped off at a farm produce shop just outside Bath, so I bought provisions for Sunday's breakfast at Gordy and Emma's place).

Unsurprisingly, we all met up again at Jamuna's for a curry. As well as her two usual mates, Zoe brought along her Swedish totty housemate - way hay! After the curry, we headed towards the new Wetherspoon's, but soon walked out again, when we realised that there seemed to be nobody legally allowed to drink was inside. We ended up in the Trinity, where I'm sure the landlady fancied me (well, who wouldn't?).

I decided that we ought to invite Zoe's Totty Housemate to join Bjorn Again Again, and then decided that we could call the band using the initials letters from the founding members' first names. Unfortunately, none began with a vowel, so it wasn't a very catchy name!

Sunday 19th
Not only did I have to buy breakfast the previous day, but I had to cook it in the morning as well. Still, it was nice of Gordy and Emma to allow me to stay. When I woke up at 10:30, I had a message from Danny telling me that they were going to the Scylla at midday. I didn't think that I'd make it in time!


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