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Plymouth May 2004

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[Written on 5th June, so have probably forgotten loads]

Dindin and I were going to jump on a charter because we were doing a TDI course the weekend after, and wanted to dive together a bit beforehand. Gordon decided to organise a club trip with two club boats, so we went on that instead.

Those who went were:
Emma (Friday night to Monday morning),
Rich "Nark" Bloomfield,
Sarah (Friday night to Sunday morning),
Chunderboy (Friday night to Sunday morning),
Tonto, and,

Friday the 30th
Scary had been passing my house earlier on in the week, so he kindly offered to pick up all my dive kit and take it to Bath. All I had to do was get the train to Bath, and he said he'd pick me up at the station. He's such a nice lad.

So, I arrived at the station and saw Scary's yellow car. I walked up to it, and the git almost ran me over. OK, so there's more than one yellow car in the world. Scary was still packing the car, so I walked around to his place. He was pretty much done when I arrived (the car was full to bursting), so we set off to drive down to Brixton and have a few pints in The Foxhound.

We managed to take the right turning off the A38 (we didn't have Ben to misdirect us to Brixham), but Scary didn't listen when I warned him about the sharp right-hand bend, so took it at what felt like 40mph. As we were driving along, Gordy called us to check that he was in the right campsite (well, there's only one in Brixton, so I hope so!).

We got there, and only Gordy and Emma were there, so we headed off for a bite to eat in the pub. The curry was excellent (see Sam in the corner), and the others joined us at various points throughout the evening (after we'd spent ages arguing about where to dive). Sexy Sam looked after us well all evening.

When we got back to the campsite, MarkV had already put up his palace, so Scary and I just needed to blow up an airbed, and fall asleep.

Saturday the 1st
Quite an early start, but definitely enough time for tea and fried eggs. We set of to Manhatten to launch the boats (we were going to moor them overnight). Gordon, Scary, Chris, and I took the boats around to some beach (Westbury, I think)), while the others drove the cars around. I tried to be the first in the club onto the beach, but Scary got there first.

Using the beach as a base (it was a bit of a trek across the beach, and there was lots of pokeyness),we got two dives in. I did both with Scary - one on the Persier (Great Sea Cucumber Ejaculation Dive III) and one at HillSea Point (where we came upon DogFish alley). Rich's drop off was excellent:

Rich: Are you ready? Gordon: No. (even though he obviously was). Rich: Mouthpieces in. Rich: Go no. Gordon (taking his mouthpiece out): Pardon!

Stupid fool.

When we got to Manhatten, the pontoon was almost full, but we eventually managed to find two spaces to moor at.

As usual, we ended up having food and beer in The Foxhound, although Gordy wasn't feeling 100% and the curry wasn't anywhere near as good as the previous night's.

Sunday the 2nd
We took the boats around to Westbury again, and loaded them up over the beach. We only did the one dive today, but we did go all the way to the Eddistone for it. It was a gorgeous day, and we got some excellent dives in. We dropped the shot in at about 30m, and dropped in the divers. While they were in the water, we gimmer around a bit more, and found 40m, so put in another shot, and Gordon, Emma, Scary, and I dived the deeper shot (sorry guys, we know where it is for next time), but Scary wanted to go shallower when we got to 39.7m - gimmer.

Back at Manhatten, Scary wanted to go to QAB to buy an SMB and a little guvna for his dry-suit dump. We went to QAB, bought the bits and pieces, and headed to the bar for a pint of Stella with Rich and Chris. There was so much totty about - I knew exactly where to look. The barmaid was excellent totty for a Northerner (no idea where Tamworth is, but she had a brummy accent). There was only one minger in the whole of QAB.

After trying for ages to find some bread and eggs, we met the others at Brixton and headed to the pub. I went for Chinese this time, because last night's curry wasn't up to scratch. I was upset to see that the only minger from QAB had only followed us to The Foxhound.

Monday the 3rd
Dindindin and I had two excellent dives on the Scyla and the JEL. We did so much swimming into, upwards, downwards, and sideways on the Scyla. Bashed the cylinder a few times, so maybe DIN fittings are the way forward. Played the obligatory "who can get the deepest" game (which I , of course, won). Scary's comment for the weekend (while floating above the Scyla, which had only been sunk a few weeks beforehand): "Is that buoy new?".

Back at Manhatten, Dindindin and I went to get some air fills. While we were waiting, I was looking at the map showing all the wrecks. Some gimmer came and knelt next to me and said "Dived that, dived that, dived that, want to dive that, want to dive that, want to dive that". What a gimmer! He pointed to the Gen Srathalen and said "Want to dive that". I said "I wouldn't bother, there are better wrecks around". He then turned around and said "Oh! I though you were somebody else". What a gimmer - open your eyes, and stop wasting my time!

Back in Bath, Dindindin was looking after most of my kit, ready for next weekend's TDI course, so we went for a curry and some beer before I caught the last train back. There was a fair bit of totty on the train on the way back, but most of it too young for me. This time, I managed to get off at Reading, and not sleep through until Paddington.

Another top weekend.


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