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Still 7 league's from Twatt
And Lo it came to pass that a mist doth did descend upon the Loch. The air was ripped asunder by a loud report from Squire Billy and all around were amazed thet we were not smited. But verilly twas only his morning discharge of noxious vapours that were being vented.

A cup of tea didst set up the assembled multitude for another day's voyage of discovery in the strange yet damp waters of Sacarpa Flow. The sub aquuius voyagers did verily assemble entangled amidst their hoses and witchcraft that did permit their descent into the clear yet murky waters. Whence amidst and entombed with gloom, a shape of much grandure didst appear in all its sunken self. And thus did pass some minutes of grand exploration of the vessel Brummer. Forthwith the watery path hath been tread and ascents of much control hath been ascended all aquanoughts rave and true didth meet above the watery grave freed by a fresh wind and breaking waves. And everyone was dished up a really good dollop of thick homemade scapa stew and a big cup of tea. The second dive was good too.

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