Totty Roads

Nick's Scapa Rap

Lines written by Nick upon discovering that there's a place called Gangsta in Orkney.

Yo the Kronprinz Wilhelm is a bigass deep mutha
But the Bath Uni massif dived it with no butha
Nick and Max dived it one end to the utha
tho nick didn't know when dey came to de rudda
but they saw the bigass pieces that bitch was packin'
Rich says he did too but he needs a whackin'
'cos they were down in the mud under where de deck crackin'

Tom de main man had his computer go phreakin'
but he decoed it large wid his drysuit no leakin'
Wid Queeny his bro de big guns were seekin'
but could not see no barrels peekin'
dey found de capstans where dose Kraut dudes bin swettin'
an dat was de reason for de good vibes dey gettin'

Mark E and Scaree Bo Paul showed us how
when dey came big on de scene near de bow
tru a hole in de wreck dat totely bisect her
dat made dem bros think the dive was real bo selecta

the cool Perksta bitch and the Home Boy Billy,
they didn't go and do nuthin silly,
'cos a dive this good was reelly' kickin
an' they knew where to be stickin'

That Gordon and his divin Bitch Emma
did cruze into place an av a dilema,
with the main man's fins totally screwed,
so they went in last, wich made the Gorda rap rude.

Dat is my rap on de kronprinz Vil
so there

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