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The annual Bath University Sub-Aqua Club's Easter Novice Holiday was set to start on Saturday the 19th for a week. Queenie and I were going to make the most of hiring a car and the bank holiday weekend and head down early to do some charter dives. As it turned out, the Novice Holiday started on the Friday, but we still got some sneaky dives in. The planning for our Pre-Easter trip was surrounded in secrecy - Scary wasn't allowed to know. I needed to sneak ahead and beat him to 300 dives.

Wednesday the 16th
Queenie turned up on my doorstep on Wednesday evening and we went out for a curry at my favourite curry house, The India. We also nipped down to my local (The Toby) for a perve and some more beer.

Thursday the 17th
A quick drive down to Weymouth (after the traditional fried egg sandwiches, of course) for a drift dive in the afternoon. There were two others on the boat (Top Gun) and they weren't that keen on doing a drift dive, so I suggested doing the Landing Craft and the Bombarden Unit (two dives for the price of one). They agreed and John (the skipper) was up for it as well. Apparently, somebody had tied some blue rope between the Landing Craft and the Bombarden Unit, so it's easy to get from one to the other. Well, off we went. Down to the bottom of the shot and towards where the blue rope should be. Well, I couldn't find it. We did a complete circuit of the landing craft and still couldn't find it. I didn't have a compass, but I didn't need one to find the Bombarden Unit and I certainly didn't need a blue bit of rope - so off we swam. We got to the Bombarden Unit, looked up and saw the blue rope. Brilliant - at least we knew we'd get back. We had such a giggle on both wrecks. I got stuck in a swim-through, got inverted, all the air went to my feet and pulled me back out of the swim-through. Queenie was going to pull me out, but stopped because he thought I might be dead! Cheers mate. We surfaced after 57 minutes to find that the other two divers had only done about a 15-minute dive and stayed on the Landing Craft. They were sat on the boat looking cold and annoyed.

Queenie and I then drove along towards Chesil Cove to do a little shore dive before heading up to Bagwell Farm. We managed to do a 30-minute dive and get to a maximum depth of 14.6m. Not that much to report about what we saw, but we had a giggle and did see some cheerleading totty while we were kitting up.

Once we'd pitched Queenie's palace, we headed towards the Red Barn (nee Slaughterhouse). I was shocked to find that new owners had taken over and they no longer served Stella. Fortunately, they had a very reasonable alternative - I can't remember the name of it, but it's a very nice German beer (I've drunk many Steins of it at the Oktoberfest in the past) and is brewed locally. Queenie was also happy with the locally brewed bitters. Unfortunately, although the food is similarly priced to before, but the portions are about half the size (no enormous rack of ribs). Still, the portions were a little over the top before. We had a quick go on the new pool table and perved at some totty (including a nice one on reception). We even saw Quiff Boy 2003 - if only we had a camera with us. Another top Bagwell night.

Friday the 18th
Before heading down to Penzance to meet the rest of the club, we had Sneaky Dive #3 (my 278th dive making a total time of 6 days underwater). We dived the M2 again. We dived during slack, but slack only lasted for about a minute and a half. After a quick circuit of the submarine, we decided that it was too much like hard work and surfaced. We celebrated my 6th day underwater by a quick round of "music man" - it had to be quick, we were being swept away from the wreck.

We then headed down to Penzance to wind Scary up by telling him about the 3 dives that we'd just done.

There are many stories to tell about the Easter Holiday, but I think I need to leave that for somebody else to tell those stories. Having said that, they do say that a picture tells a thousand words:
Cherryboy's website takes a long time to load, but has loads of pictures.
Mark Elley's picture album loads one picture at a time, but you'll have to put up with Freeserve's adverts.
Phil's photo page loads quickly. There are some good pictures, but the first page is just a list of picture numbers.


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